Wawww, Just watch how brave this women was when a thief TRIED to steal her car.

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A woman from Wisconsin has become a viral sensation after her shocking act of jumping on the hood of her moving car when someone tried to carjack her car.

Melissa Smith, 27, just filling up her petrol at a petrol station in Milwaukee when a man suddenly jumped into the driver seat and drove the car.

The thief started to drive off, and Smith dove into action — literally.

Without much hesitation, Melissa immediately jumped onto the hood of her own moving car.

The woman bravely held on to the windshield with the help of the wipers which the suspect turned on in an attempt to throw her off the car

Nevertheless, Melissa was persistent to not easily let her car to the thief.

When it became clear that she remained unmoved from the hood, the thief jumped out of the driver seat and got into a nearby waiting car

“I had the thought in my head. ‘Do I go after my purse or do I stop my car?’” she said. “And the price tag of my car flashed through my head.”

“I didn’t see him ’til I saw him get into my car,” she added. “Someone was in my car. And I had my, ‘Oh, hell this isn’t happening to me today’ moment.”

The chilling moment saw the woman held tight long enough on the hood of her car until the thief gave up. Melissa said that she could hear the thief laughed from the inside of her car when she recalled the incident.

She admitted that it was not the safest and smartest thing to do in the case of a carjacking as she said that she just went with her instinct.

Thankfully, Melissa was unharmed and managed to get her car stop just in time before it hits the main road

The dude eventually bailed and slid back into the black Cadillac, and Smith was somehow able to get into the driver’s seat of her car and put it in park.

Watch the dramatic moment when Melissa desperately holds on to her hood when a thief made an attempt to steal her car here

Woman jumps on car hood as thief drives

Harrowing security footage shows a woman fighting off car thieves by jumping on the hood of her car http://cnn.it/2qSYkgD

Posted by CNN on Thursday, May 25, 2017

It wasn’t the smartest idea, Smith admits, but she said, “I went with my instinct. Yeah.”



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