This is one of those must see and read, unbelievable triplet bump photos

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A NORWEGIAN mum has amazed and crashed the internet by sharing stages of bump selfies to Instagram.

Now we’re all used to the common selfies, cute selfies, petite and small bump selfies, but this expectant mama’s selie snap’s come with a twist – she’s pregnant with triplets.

Maria, who already has her hands full with her two-year-old son, will soon be giving birth to spontaneously-conceived triplets – two girls, and a boy.

Maria has taken shots of her progress during the course of her pregnancy, she has shared her growing belly from Week 12 to Week 35 – the evolution of her bump is beyond astounding and amazing.

“Week to week with the triplets,” she pinned the post, “what a journey this has been!

“From the huge shock of learning there were three, to people’s reactions, the numerous scannings/checks and all the preparations and planning for this life-changing event.”

Maria explained the shock she still has over the size of her bump.

“I’m glad we took these pictures, because this collage really shows the massive growth,” she wrote.

“It’s strange to have ended up with such a big belly and it’s even stranger that it can stand out like that without falling down!”

Maria posted the final bump selfie at 35 weeks, which in itself is a huge milestone for a multiple birth.

“And the last belly picture!” Maria captioned her selfie.

“In two days we’ll finally meet our babies, and I wont have to drag around this 20 kg bump anymore.”

Ohhh Yes – you’ve read that correct. A 20 kilo bump. In other words, TWENTY KILOGRAMS.

As Maria’s bump grew, so did her INSTA followers list, people all over the world locked to her page to see and watch her journey unfolding.

Just two words WAWWW & AMAZING

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